Toranoana Interview Vol.2: “Tony Taka” Sensei【English ver.】

Toranoana Interview Vol.2: “Tony Taka” Sensei【English ver.】

“Tony Taka,” a popular illustrator and character designer known for character design in the RPG masterpiece “Shining” series, as well as for doujinshi and figure creation, both in Japan and abroad.

We interviewed Tony Taka about the beginning of his illustration career, his favorite characters, and his recent focus in his creative endeavors!

[Japanese] https://news.toranoana.jp/277385
[Traditional Chinese]https://news.toranoana.jp/278664


About "Tony Taka"

Profile of Tony Taka

Active under the circle “T2 ART WORKS.”
An illustrator and character designer hailing from Sendai, currently residing in Yokohama.

Notable Works:
– Character design for the “Shining” series
– Character design for “Azur Lane”: Centaur, Ryuuhou
– Character design for the “Fault!!” series
– Character design for Hatsune Miku GT Project’s “Racing Miku 2017 Ver.”
– Character design for “Guilty Princess”

And more

Let's get an interview started!

First, please provide a brief self-introduction!

Hello, everyone I’m Tony Taka, an illustrator.
Originally from Sendai, I’ve been living in Yokohama for about 10 years now.
I’m involved in various activities such as character design and illustration for figures and games.

What is the origin of the circle's name?

“T2 ART WORKS” originates from my first website’s title, “Tony Tiny World,” the pen name “Tony Taka,” which is used in Europe and America, and the fact that my real name’s initials also include two “T”s.

What inspired you to start drawing illustrations or venture into doujin activities?

I’ve loved drawing pictures and manga since I was a child, so I went to an art school, then worked at a design company, and eventually ended up at a game company. Along the way, I started sharing my illustrations online as a hobby, which eventually led to receiving job offers and becoming a professional illustrator.
Participating in Comiket also became part of that flow.

Do you have sources of inspiration that you typically draw from?

Pretty much anything I see or hear.
My motto is “Learning from the Past to Create the Future,” so I consciously expose myself to various things to broaden my perspective. I have a diverse taste, ranging from old to new manga, anime, dramas, movies, games, and more. I watch and listen to various things while working and during breaks.

Despite your busy professional illustration activities, what motivates you to continue doujin activities over the years?

Unlike jobs commissioned by clients, the appeal of doujin lies in being able to create freely as I like. Whether it’s fan fiction or original work, I feel like I’m only doing what I love.
Additionally, I use it as an opportunity to try different drawing styles and conduct experiments and research.

Could you tell us about what you've been focusing on in your recent activities?

Recently, I’ve been putting effort into expanding the “Guilty Princess” series of beautiful girl plastic models.
As a result, I’ve also been challenging myself in new areas, such as participating as a dealer in Wonder Festival for the first time and selling garage kits.

Lastly, could you share a message with all your fans?

This year, the second volume of my personal art collection will be released.
With the 20th anniversary of my involvement in the Shining series, I’m planning to create commemorative illustrations for the art book, so stay tuned.
Additionally, I’m considering actively participating in overseas events again, so I look forward to meeting everyone.

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